All About the Girl & Blog

Hello there!
I’m Anya, a tween Christian girl, whose life lies in writing, photography, dreaming, typing and graphic design (AND CATS)! I have two cats which are my fluffy furballs names Margo and Boris.
I’ve also completed a novella named ‘Abandoned’. I haven’t yet gotten to publishing it, but my IRL friends Mirra and Eliza have helped me all along, making a fair amount of changes to it.
I’m an ISFP (Introvert Sensing Feeling Perception) or an Adventurer. I’m very quiet, I’m definitely not a fan of socialising and interacting with others.
I used to blog on Blogger a few months ago, and I switched to WordPress recently.
My blog My Life in Words is about my writing, and life as well as a bit of randomness.(there’s space for randomness in every blog, huh!)

Thanks so much for coming along  and enjoy your time here!